About Us – 7th Dimension


I am Ana Ferreira, founder of the 7th Dimension Movement & Virtual Store.

For me, the 7th Dimension is not only a job, but also my healing. I was for some time in my life stuck in a job that did not complete me and did not satisfy me, and the 7th Dimension came with my rebirth, when I decided to let go of what did not make my heart vibrate, and create once and for all the reality that I always dreamed of.

I was reborn when I no longer accepted what I did not deserve and when I made my best decision: to create my own work, in tune with my heart and my dreams. I have never contented myself with the idea of ​​performing some mechanical activity routinely, without purpose or great significance, only by obligation or lack of choice.

Being at the service of good and love always spoke loudly in my heart, and I needed to find a way to insert that into my life. The result of this deep aspiration you can see here, in this project, where I deposited my whole heart. Where I plunged deeply and gave myself completely.

This is where I manifest what my soul has to say to the world. This is where I heal myself, where I create the opportunity to see a new era be born. A new era where the highest vibration predominates, where love is rule and not exception.

To the universe all my gratitude, for allowing the manifestation of my dreams.

May the light be with you!

With love,

Ana Ferreira